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For tea lovers it’s no news, the five o'clock tea. At present the tea culture is experiencing a renaissance - tea is favoured at any occasion and at any time of the day.

At Paul's, you can choose your favourite from a great variety of teas - maybe you prefer a Japanese green tea, a seasoning-tea, a classic Assam tea or the East-Frisian tea served on a stove. Simply ask for the tea menu!

A special trendy pleasure is the CHAIPUR Hot Spicy Chai:
This Indian seasoning-tea is a fiery mixture of hot milk, stimulating black tea, soothing sweetness and exotic hot spices.

Selected from Paul's tea menu

  • Chaipur
  • East Frisian tea
  • Japanese und Chinese Green tea
  • Assam tea
  • Seasoning-tea, and many more

  • White teas - black tea - green tea
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    Culture & leisure time in the Aichfeld